Luxe Appliances from Dacor

Known the world over as the high-end supplier of luxury appliances, Dacor has a few new items that every snob home needs. Founded over 50 years ago, Dacor was and still is based on the principle idea that a home’s kitchen should not be exclusively used as a work space. Sure, you can cook food and make meals for family and friends, but a kitchen is more than that. Dacor believes that if you can balance function, form and aesthetics, then you have a winning combination. And winning they have been, as only the very best homes feature Dacor appliances. And with these new items to choose from, your kitchen will be the center of action in the house.

This appliance (read: necessity) needs no introduction at all. A home wine station! Where in the world has this been all our lives? What was once reserved for wine bars and restaurants, Dacor has brought into the home. The Heritage Wine Station features space for 4 bottles of your favorite wines, the wine station has it all. It is fully automated to dispense your sophisticated libations at the push of a button. The 4 built-in LCD screens easily relay critical information, such as portion controlled servings allowing you to customize three pour volumes per bottle by the half ounce.  Select from taste, half or full glass.  Adjustable from 1/4 ounce to 8 ounces. In addition, it keeps your wine at the perfect temperature, while maintaining its freshness for up to 60 days. Now that my friends, is what EVERY home needs!

If a home wine station isn’t enough to separate your home from others, then Dacor has something very special on offer, a porcelain lined interior refrigerator! I mean really, who does that? Snobs and Dacor do! The Atelier Edition all-porcelain interior refrigerator and freezers feature hand painted fine art by celebrated artists like Ann Agee to fulfill luxury customers’ needs for self-expression, creativity and inspiration  where people need it most, the kitchen. And not one to be unbalanced, Dacor chose to use porcelain because of its minimal temperature fluctuations, which keeps your food fresher, longer.

The fridge comes ready to be wrapped in whatever you so choose, wood paneling or stainless steel perhaps? Some features on the appliance include a hidden control panel, LCD lighting, full-width fresh drawer, internal water dispenser and a host of exacting standards that will outlast you. So should your home need an easy upgrade this summer, Dacor has what you need to make it the envy of friends and neighbors. Just be sure to pour them a glass of wine beforehand. Cheers!

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