5 Best Watches for Summer

With the summer months now upon us, outdoor activities will be the norm. Along with that, beach and pool parties are de rigueur. It is therefore imperative that your outfit be made to withstand all the splashing about. Our friends at WP Diamonds, who are the industry experts when it comes to evaluating not only shiny stones but watches as well, have come up with what we feel are a great selection of watch must haves for summer. Before we get into the watches though, there is a rationale to choosing a watch for summer.

First of all, the watch has to be waterproof. And not just for getting wet, but for diving as well. Some watches claim to be waterproof, but when you read the finer print on their ability to withstand the pressures of depth, they fall woefully short. So a watch that can withstand a great amount of pressure is key. Next the strap has to be NOT made of any kind of hide or material that will shrink, discolor or come loose from water sport activities. Rubber, nylon and canvas are all good choices here. So make certain you watch has the ability to change straps.

Third, a watch has to be robust. It makes no sense to wear a timepiece with a bunch of complications only to bang it about and break its internal bits. No, a watch that is housed in a strong, yet lightweight case is necessary to keep good timing. Another thing to look for in a great summer watch is the ability to read its face. Sure some watches are pretty to look at, but you have to stare and squint at them to discern what it is telling you. So look for an uncluttered and easy to read watch. It really comes in handy when you’re swimming with fish underwater!

Finally, a watch has to not only be all of the above, but it also has to be stylish and sophisticated. You can’t just go out and buy a run of the mill timepiece. You’d be mocked right out of the yacht club if you did. No, instead do your research (ie, reading this) and get yourself a watch that be versatile, sophisticated, smart, easy to read, strong, waterproof and snazzy. This will assure you of a great summer… unless of course you’re fashionably late.

Here are the watches selected by Tom Pozsgay, WP Diamonds Director of Watches 

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms – “The Fifty is built to last and will withstand almost anything thrown at it.  A watch that can withstand the pressure of 300 meters and all of the bumps and bruises inflicted by a serious diver.” -Tom Pozsgay

Rolex Sea Dweller – “An Oyster Case with a screwed down Triplock crown makes this the ultimate diver’s watch!” –Tom Pozsgay

Panerai Luminor – “Originally made for the Italian Navy, this watch is steeped in history and offers a minimalist look with the rigors of an active diver.” –Tom Pozsgay

Tudor Heritage Black Bay – “An attractive under-water watch at the right price makes this a go-to for anyone who wants luxury and versatility.” –Tom Pozsgay

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean – “A direct descendant of the famed Seamaster 300 (one of the first dive watches to exist in the luxury market), this is an updated version on an original must-have for anyone spending time in the water.” –Tom Pozsgay

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