The time of the selfie stick has come and gone. Soon after these long arm contraptions were introduced, scores of museums, amusement parks and attractions banned their use. It was a good idea that had no consideration for the area and people around. Selfies, it seemed, were doomed to be taken by using your arm, outstretched in an awkward and hard way. Luckily, there is a new and far better way, the AirSelfie2.

As the coolest and most fun way to take a selfie, the AirSelfie2 is quad-rotored drone that has a host of innovative features. Weighing a scant 2.8oz, the AirSelfie2 is a diminutive and convenient camera, capable of some amazing aerial acrobatics. Onboard you will find a 12 megapixel camera, perfect for that detailed selfie, along with a 1080p capable video camera recorder that can capture your next exciting adventure. And with 16 gigs of storage, you can take as many selfies and videos as your heart desires.

I recently had the opportunity to use an AirSelfie2 and I have to say that from unboxing to shooting videos and pictures, the device was easy and extremely fun to use. All one has to do, is download the AirSelfie2 app from the App Store and watch a few tutorials (so as to avoid crashing) and you will be good to go. I have a larger and more aggresive drone and I must say that the learning curve is very steep and expensive. Not so with the AirSelfie2. The in-house team has developed a smart drone that is intuitive to use and fun to fly.

The built-in 2.4GHz wi-fi signal is responsive and has a great range. You can fly your AirSelfie2 to a far greater length than is probably advisable if you are new to this! However, once you get the hang of it, you can explore a range of shots and videos that will make your social media stand out from the crowd. And if ever a big gust of wind knocks you down or off course, the aluminum construction is rugged and durable. Trust me, I know!

With a flying time of 5 minutes, you will have plenty of time to compose the perfect selfie or nonchalant look through  your phone (used as your viewfinder). What is more, if your high flyer is running low on power, the AirSelfie2 comes armed with a carrying case that doubles as a power bank! Not only will it recharge your drone, but it will also recharge whatever else you plug into its USB port.

The best part of the AirSelfie2 has to be its size though. The entire drone and charging power band/holder are no bigger than an average cell phone. And should you ditch the power bank and keep just the drone on you, you are looking at something the size of a few business cards! The AirSelfie2 really is a great and wonderful addition to anyone’s daily pocket gear. So should your next selfie require some more pizzazz, the AirSelfie2 is the very best device one can use to get the perfect shot!


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