Liebherr- Monolith Collection

Liebherr, the experts in cooling, has been doing one thing, and one thing well, for 65 years. The company continues to push the limits of technology, convenience and design with the release of two new wine column refrigerators in 18” and 24” options. The products are part of Liebherr’s growing Monolith collection, a line of innovative cooling products for wine connoisseurs and collectors.

The highly anticipated release marks an escalation in Liebherr’s response to market demands. In addition to being fully customizable to any American kitchen – like all the products in the Monolith line – the Monolith Wine Columns offer more features for wine lovers to properly preserve their collections, ensuring the ability to enjoy their wines to the fullest. Features include: Bottle Capacity – The 18” has a capacity of 75 bottles and the 24” has a capacity of 100 bottles of all sizes. Multi-Temperature Zones – The 18” Wine Column is dual zone, while the 24” has three zones, offering users the ability to cater to every wine storage need. Stainless Steel Interior: Stainless-steel back wall, door and premium finishes, making them easy to clean and long lasting. InfinityProtection: An intuitive protection system alerts the owner, via text or email, of any significant temperature changes that could hurt the wine collection. The system automatically kicks in to make changes, like shutting down the compressor, to protect the wine when needed. InfinityLight: Casts beautiful and even side lighting that can be adjusted according to personal taste. Options include a soft brightening effect upon opening the doors and a pleasing night-dimming feature. Adjustable Wood Slats: Can fit any size bottle, including magnums, sparkling wines, and Bordeaux bottles, making it perfect for any and all wine collections. Infinity Board: The shelf allows consumers open a bottle and let it breathe while they continue to browse their collection. Writable Aluminum Fronts: The shelves have aluminum fronts that allow you to customize your collection by writing the names of the bottles, dates, years, taste notes and other information that adds to the enhancement of your wine experience. SuperQuiet: Virtually soundless, Liebherr appliances are quietest in the industry.

InfinitySwipe: Intuitive electronic control panel features a full-color, 3.5-inch touch-and-swipe screen that allows you to control every function. Liebherr’s reputation as a world leader in cooling stems from listening to what matters most to customers, then meeting their needs with the most advanced technology and design. Each Liebherr product is meant to integrate seamlessly into all styles of American kitchens, living rooms, and outdoor recreational areas and can be fully customized to fit in any space.


For more information on Liebherr’s Monolith Columns, please visit home.liebherr.com/monolith

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