Valani Atelier Sapphire Jewelry

From royalty to film, red carpet to renaissance painting, sapphires are donned and venerated for their durability, luster, color, and versatility. The blue gem has proven timeless, modifying its look, yet maintaining a resplendent nature. For today’s woman, Valani Atelier’s sapphire concept collection incorporates jewelry for glamorous evenings out, push gifts celebrating new moms, and every day self-purchase…perfect for fall to winter style.

Vier Sapphire Earrings by Valani Atelier
Style Number: PVE04
MSRP: $24,000
8×6 & 6×4 pear-shaped sapphires designed in a sculptural form surrounded by 1.03 carat VS diamonds and 18K white gold. These beautifully crafted earrings are an adornment of art- sure to turn heads

“As September’s exquisite birthstone, sapphires are the strongest natural gemstones currently in existence, making a great choice for an engagement ring or special gift to be worn and enjoyed every day. Valani Atelier carefully selects the most vivid deep blue sapphires from premier mines in Sri Lanka, and supports responsible and sustainable mining practices, creating a unique experience for its customers,” says Heena Shah, co-founder and designer for Valani Atelier.

Rival II Sapphire Two-Stone Ring by Valani Atelier
Style Number: PVR02
MSRP: $3,200
5×4 mm pear-shaped sapphires are perfectly matched in a sculptural 18K white gold setting with 0.12 carat diamonds. As a statement piece or a stunning alternative engagement ring, this ring epitomizes Valani’s clean, provocative style.
Arris Sapphire Studs by Valani Atelier
Style Number: PVE02
MSRP: $2,900
Crafted from 18K white gold and set with 5×4 pear-shaped sapphires, and 0.07 carat diamonds. This accent of color can put the finishing touch on your everyday look.
Arris Sapphire Bracelet by Valani Atelier
Style Number: PVB01
MSRP: $1,900
This Italian chain bracelet is crafted from 18K white gold, with a signature 5×4 mm pear-shaped sapphire. Effortlessly add movement and a touch of color to your polished everyday look.
Vohk Sapphire Chain Earrings by Valani Atelier Style Number: PVE25 MSRP: $1,000 3 mm round sapphires, 18K white gold.



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