Arkonik Defender

What is without a doubt the very best current and post apocalypse world vehicle, the Land Rover Defender, has now reached pinnacle status thanks to a Somerset, England based company called Arkonik.  By taking gently used Defender models 90 and 110, Arkonik transforms them from rugged ducks into even more capable swans.  And it should be noted, that the improvements that Arkonik make are more than just skin deep. And should you choose to purchase a vehicle from them, then you will be assured that come Hell or high water, your Defender will see you through it all, not only effortlessly, but in style as well.


After scouring Europe for only the best Defenders, Arkonik takes them back to their factory for a complete strip down. Every last nut and bolt is either refinished or replaced. The heart of any rock crawling car lies not in the engine, but the chassis. It is the firm foundation that will take the brunt of everyday driving. Therefore, Arkonik removes the body from the frame and checks for straightness and soundness, assuring that no weak link exists anywhere on the vehicle. Rust is the biggest detriment to any car and Arkonik has a particularly good way to sniff out and repair susceptible areas.

Once every single part has been scrutinized and up to Arkonik’s standards, then the process of rebuilding a Defender begins. The chassis is coated for protection and whatever adventures you take it on. In addition, since Arkonik’s customers have such highly specific requests, things like tow hitches and winches are considered for their ideal placement. Also, since Somerset, England is an ocean away from most of their customers, Arkonik looks up and designs their cars to meet specific regulations and environmental needs for wherever the car will live. This alone makes purchasing from Arkonik a pleasure. No longer do you have to be in the dark about what import considerations and paperwork you need.

The particular 110 Defender pictured here is called the Artemis and it is a good example of how your very own world dominating ride would look. The crimson station wagon comes equipped with a 3.5 liter V8 engine, upgraded suspension, Safari snorkel, and a WARN 12-S winch. There are also KAHN 1983 18″ alloy wheels, General Tire Grabber AT3 tires, Front bumper daytime running lights,  LR Defender A-Frame nudge bar with twin LED spotlights, a Puma bonnet, KBX gloss Black grille and wing-top vents, gloss Black checker plate, Fire & Ice side steps, Raptor-coated steering & front differential guard, rear LED work lamp, NAS rear step, Front Runner roof rack with LED spotlights, expedition rails and rear ladder, Uprated Terrafirma suspension with 2″ lift kit.

So after reading all that, you can see that Arkonik Defenders are truly the very best cars in the world. The choices you can make, alongside their craftsman and experienced builders leaves you with nothing short of a car that will outlast us all. So should you purchase a Defender from them, you can rest easy knowing that going to the store for groceries, or visiting that midday pilates class will be a breeze. Hopefully though, you will have enough sense as is found in Somerset and take your Defender to the great outdoors.


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