Lexus High-Performance

Lexus may not be the first brand one thinks of when considering a car company that has such painstaking attention to detail. Sure, the luxury arm of Toyota is known for its great cars and refined comfort, but there is a whole lot more to the story of Lexus than just that. And if I could sum up the brand in one word, it’d be precision.


Now you may scoff at the idea of a large volume car maker being precise, but what has been going on at Lexus lately and truly since their very beginning, is nothing short of amazing. Peering at the very limited run of their LFA, Lexus flexed their collective genius to show the world that they have not only the talent, but the vision to create a supercar that could compete with anything. The car was very well received by the world’s motoring press and even I was in awe at its superb performance and technical achievements.

Located in a super clean factory in Motomachi, Japan, Lexus created the LFA and though that car has ceased production, Lexus continues to push the envelop with their newest creation, the LC 500. Boasting a 5.0 liter V-8 engine, the LC 500 is a spaceship from another world. It is stunning in its design and even more so in the engineering that it took to create it.


What is little known by the general public however, lies not in the car itself, but the people who created it. With, at a minimum of 25 year of training, Lexus craftsman, called Takumi, possess a combination of skills and knowledge that bounds over any problem. Their relentless passion for perfection can be found in every nut and bolt that goes into creating each and every Lexus vehicle. From the materials used to the flowing aspects of design, Takumi make certain that each car is masterful representation of what Lexus is. With a workforce of over 7,500 people at Lexus’ Kyushu plant, there are only 19 individuals that have reached the status of Takumi. As such, these experts ply their trade into mentoring and monitoring every aspect of the car making process.

We will be reviewing the LC 500 very soon and will let you know what we think of the car then. With such craftsmen taking Lexus into the future, I’m sure it will not disappoint. Takumi, after all, inspect each LC that comes out of their factory with a 700 point inspection!

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