CUT at 45 Park Lane – London

Oh the joy of dining out. It is an intimate luxury to be able to spend a quiet few hours in the company of friends, family or a special someone. Venturing out to have a delicious meal at a swanky restaurant however, it is not always that easy to find. There are very few places where one can dine and experience not only an epic meal, but a warmth, sophistication and natural ease all at the same time. Lucky for all of us, I have found such a restaurant in CUT at 45 Park Lane in London.

I had arrived to 45 Park Lane at the tail-end of a whirlwind busy day. Not particularly dressed for such an occasion, I had trepidation even walking in the front door. As I was greeted by the wonderfully professional staff, my cause for concern was soon allayed and I settled into a more relaxed attitude. Having never been to 45 Park Lane, I was curious to see what the Dorchester Collection had on offer with its more private club feeling property. With walls wrapped in warm woods and festooned with precious and sometimes quirky pieces of art, 45 Park Lane is at the perfect intersection of where luxury meets relief.

Not quite ready to have dinner, me and my companion decided the best course of action would be to walk upstairs to 45’s bar and have a few tasty libations. Attending to our vague and unassured tastebuds were two bartenders, who I am convinced, were mind readers. My girlfriend and I both didn’t know exactly what we wanted, so we threw out flavors and ideas to the professional bar men. They took in the information and came up with cocktails that are the very best I have truly ever tasted. And as the drinks were flowing and the sun was setting over Hyde Park, which is directly across the street, my evening was developing into something magical.

After having enjoyed our time at the bar, we soon found ourselves seated at CUT. The hunger pangs were strong now and the menu was filled with delicious things and sumptuous offerings. Firstly though, the resident sommelier came by and convinced us that a few glasses of wine would surely make each and every dish go down with aplomb. As a Level 3 Advanced Sommelier myself, it is always fun to give other sommeliers free reign when it comes to offering wines. So I again threw out a few notes of what I liked and let him decide my varietal. Not missing a beat, he cheerily explored his vast library and came back with wines that were spot on and happily consumed.

Now in the thick of things, plate after plate of juicy foods arrived at our table. From the famous mac and cheese to the big eye tuna tartare, every dish seemed a work of art painstakingly scrutinized before leaving the kitchen and being frantically brought to my watering mouth. The steak selection at CUT is without a doubt a who’s who of rarefied beef. A5 Waygu and other treats were all dancing in my head and I, a glutton without shame, ordered just about every cut. (pun intended) Biting into the red hearted center of each piece of steak delivered a juicy and robust flavor. My tastebuds burst with pepper, butter and a smoky char. Heaven it seems, has an outpost inside 45 Park Lane.

Having now thoroughly tested the strength of my belt, my girlfriend and I were ready to call it quits. However, CUT was not done with us, as dessert still had to be consumed. And consumed it was. The sweetness of the thankfully small plates led us into a wonderful bliss. And walking out the doors of 45 Park Lane and into the cool night of London, we knew that all was right with our world. Should you find yourself in London, give CUT at 45 Park Lane a spin. Your tailor may hate you after, but your soul and body will surely enjoy the experience.

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