Cirrus Aircraft Vision Jet

 “What it basically came down to was that my wife wanted the safest plane we could buy, so Cirrus it was.” That was the reply I got from a friend I made while we waited to board the new Cirrus Aircraft Vision Jet. As the makers of the SR-22 prop plane that took the world by storm because of its parachute system, Cirrus knows a thing or two about innovation. It is little wonder than that they have unveiled to the world, the only personal single jet engine plane, the Vision Jet.
Standing on the tarmac looking over the plane, it is easy to see why those who already own the jet are always stuck answering questions and getting the photo taken by curious onlookers. The Vision Jet truly is a sight for sore eyes. Its monocoque fuselage is made from carbon fiber and it allows for some truly remarkable engineering feats. For instance, the Vision Jet features the largest windows one could find on a private jet. This of course allows for an immersive experience for not only the pilot, but all passengers as well. Furthermore, it allows an expansive field of view for the pilot to maneuver safely and confidently.
Moving the inside of the cabin, one is met with a familiar feel. Cirrus purposefully designed the cabin to be more akin to a luxury automobile than a plane. Every surface has been scrutinized for ergonomics and comfort. Swaths of leather cover just about anything you could touch. There are cupholders aplenty and dedicated USB charging ports for every passenger. As for how many people can fit aboard the Vision Jet, Cirrus assures us that 5 adults and 2 children will take the sky with ease.
Now what makes the Vision Jet in a class of its own, lies within its powerful jet engine. Surely one who has flown a turbo prop before can attest the ease of private travel and the swiftness of smaller airport landings. The Vision Jet is just as maneuverable in the same regard. For it almost dimensionally the same as the SR-22 and thus can take off and land at the very same airports.
However, the powerfully efficient jet engine can go further and faster than any prop plane could hope for. With a single turbo-fan Williams International FJ33-5A jet engine and a range of 1,150 miles at 345 mph or 1,380 miles at 276 mph, the Vision Jet is poised to explode on the private jet marketplace. With this sort of range, a new world of destinations and planning can begin. For instance, the 1,380-mile range will allow you to travel from New York City, NY to Dallas, TX; Chicago, IL to Salt Lake City, UT or Los Angeles, CA to Kansas City, MO.
And should you find yourself longing for a Vision Jet, but wanting the safety that the Cirrus SR-22 has, you are in luck! Cirrus has again managed to engineer their Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) into the Vision Jet, keeping you, your passengers and your plane safe from anything untoward.
For more information on the Vision Jet, visit www.cirrusaircraft.com
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