The Lost Distillery

What do you get when Scotch lovers and Scotland’s masters of history join forces to create historically accurate and delicious Scotch? You get Lost Distillery. Lost Distillery tirelessly digs deep into Scottish history to identify the gems of whisky that have been lost to the passing of time and resurrects them into one of a kind odes to Scottish history and excellence.

The Archivist team headed by Professor Michael Moss of The University of Glasgow identifies key components of long shuttered distilleries and then works with Lost’s master distillers to resurrect these forgotten whisky legends.

Lossit, Islay (SRP $43) –  Founded in 1817 by Malcolm MacNeil, the Lossit Distillery was the biggest producer of whisky on Islay and was part of the transformation of Islay’s reputation from an outpost of smugglers to a leading force in the whisky industry. Sadly, Lossit was shuttered in 1867 due to its rural and remote location in the middle of the small island.

Lost Distillery’s resurrection of this infamous Islay scotch will impress the biggest Islay snobs (like myself). Gentle fruits and peaty smoke keep this whisky true to its class, while an overwhelming contrast suggests a more accurate historical representation.

Towiemore, Speyside (SRP $43) – Founded in 1898 by whisky entrepreneur Peter Dawson, the Towiemore Distillery was built outside of Dufftown in Speyside as the whisky industry began to show signs of failure. Consumers lost confidence in the blended whisky industry and expressed concerns about its legitimacy.

Benachie, Highlands (SRP $43) – Founded by William Smith in 1822, the Benachie Distillery was hidden in a valley near the town of Insch, surrounded by areas farmed for barley and hills with copious amounts of peat. The remote location helped the distillery remain concealed before distillation was legal. Benachie was poorly placed to develop in the 20th century and closed in 1913 due to isolation.

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