Nizuc Resort & Spa- Cancún, Mexico

I’ve been to Cancún… several times. And it is always the same. Just a packed tourist destination filled with little substance and a heap of commercialization. It’s good revenue for the local economy and that’s great. But I’m selfish and I want something more when I visit. I’ve explored regions beyond the tourist traps. I’ve taken a rental car to Mérida, Chichén Itzá, Tulum and other more, how shall we say, adventurous areas. It’s all the same. Nothing excites me to go back. The last time I went was for a wedding and it was fun and romantic (for the couple, not me). But Cancun always leaves me bored. There is something wanting to the place that I just can’t put my finger on.

As I prepared this issue of The Snob, I came across a newer destination in Cancún. Opened in 2013, Nizuc Resort & Spa is a 29-acre private beachfront escape. Pouring over the press materials, I looked at them blankly and with more than a healthy bit of skepticism. Located just 15 minutes from the Cancun airport, Nizuc is an apparition amongst massive resort properties (some with more than 1,000 rooms) looking to cater to either the spring break or geriatric crowds. God forbid, family vacationers.  You see, Nizuc is focused in its efforts to cater to the more genteel and sophisticated travelers. And by that I mean Snobs like us.

Located on land that was once a base station for Mayan astronomers and later a presidential retreat for world leaders, Nizuc Resort & Spa is a place of heavenly surroundings. The decor that greets visitors is a blend of modern conveniences with a spirit deeply set in the Mayan culture. Unlike other properties who unabashedly take Mexican and Mayan iconography to ridiculous measures, Nizuc has a deferential treatment for the way it treats those who came before. It is also clearly evident throughout the property’s 274 suites and villas that details and meticulous upkeep matter.

A property, even Nizuc, is only as good as the accoutrements they offer travelers. The resort therefore has an extensive collection of amenities for those seeking just about any adventure. With multiple pools, a stunning 30,000 square-foot ESPA facility with dedicated hydrotherapy rooms, as well as six world-class restaurants including Mexican, Peruvian, Italian, Asian and La Punta Grill & Lounge, Nizuc has you covered. Set apart from more meager properties, Nizuc hosts two secluded white sand beaches with on-site water sports, and is surrounded by the region’s natural wonders, archaeological sites and amazing attractions including the world’s first Underwater Art Museum. It seems 2016 will have me traveling to Cancún once more. This time though, I will have a ball.

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