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Resort- Arizona Biltmore


Oasis: something that provides refuge, relief or pleasant contrast. This definition, coming from the Merriam-Webster dictionary was repeating in my head as my plane flew from my home in Los Angeles to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport in Arizona. Why? Because I was going to visit the famed Arizona Biltmore and experience all its glory. The…


Paris- Mandarin Oriental

Oh the City of Light! Paris is truly like nothing else. To add insult to injury, it is now playing host to yet another fantastic hotel, this time it is none other than the Mandarin Oriental. Located on one of the most chic streets the city has to offer, Rue Saint-HonorĂ©, the MO will no…


The Dorchester- London

This morning, far from Los Angeles, in the wonderful land of Britain (specifically London) a horse is standing in front of a hotel. What? Yes, to celebrate the emigration of the venerable Polo Lounge, which resides in the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Dorchester in London has brought in a horse to ride the fact home.…