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Gumball Rally 3000– Part One

The afternoon sky hung low over Los Angeles. Unlike the typical sunshine of weeks past today was a gloomy day. Headed to Los Angeles International Airport, LAX, for yet another journalistic adventure I was blasé about the whole thing. For this year alone I had already traveled to 4 countries, had countless flights, layovers and […]

Timepieces Aplenty- Eleven James

Let’s face it, no matter how much money each of us has, parting with it, even a small amount, is a practice we can never get used to. Now for those of us with a particular penchant for fine timepieces, the ever skyrocketing prices of watches make our blood run positively cold. And yet, there […]

HomeAway- Top 10 Luxury Vacation Rentals

In the rarified air of luxury travel, 5 star hotels are a dime a dozen. In just about every major city around the world, you can find a hotel to give you restbit from your travels. However, for the those of us in the know, hotels are insufficiently capable of providing that je ne sais […]