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Southern California- Terranea Vacation Homes

The Los Angeles landscape varies widely, from the coast to the valleys, there is a large expanse that is encompassed when one says Los Angeles. It is therefore annoying for natives, which I proudly count myself as, when visitors say that LA is nothing but traffic and congestion. There is truth however to those words, […]

Movie Review- Why We Ride

Now I know we haven’t done a movie review on here before, but this film I think deserves one… and probably not for the reason you think. Recently, I had the chance to attend a premiere for a motorcycle movie in Beverly Hills inside the Samuel Goldwin Theater, which is in the headquarters of the […]

Gin- A Voyage With Hendrick’s

As the gin maker, which is a part of the larger William Grant & Sons portfolio, Hendrick’s is a libation not to be missed. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Hendrick’s and its proclivities, then fear not. Coming up next week in Los Angeles is a party that will have the public stirring. […]