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Gumball Rally 3000– Part One

The afternoon sky hung low over Los Angeles. Unlike the typical sunshine of weeks past today was a gloomy day. Headed to Los Angeles International Airport, LAX, for yet another journalistic adventure I was blasé about the whole thing. For this year alone I had already traveled to 4 countries, had countless flights, layovers and […]

Resort- Arizona Biltmore

Oasis: something that provides refuge, relief or pleasant contrast. This definition, coming from the Merriam-Webster dictionary was repeating in my head as my plane flew from my home in Los Angeles to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport in Arizona. Why? Because I was going to visit the famed Arizona Biltmore and experience all its glory. The […]

London- Apartments by the Sloane Club

London has many amenities to its credit. From its long and illustrious history to its wide swath of luxury offerings, there is not much wanting in the capital city England. The newest and perhaps swankiest kid in the neighborhood of Sloan Square is the Apartments by the Sloane Club. By providing the services of an […]

New York City- The Plaza Hotel

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As the true iconic luxury property in New York City, The Plaza Hotel is in a class of its own. With a storied history that has included the wealthy, powerful and elite of society as patrons, The Plaza continues on its journey of