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Gumball Rally 3000– Part One

The afternoon sky hung low over Los Angeles. Unlike the typical sunshine of weeks past today was a gloomy day. Headed to Los Angeles International Airport, LAX, for yet another journalistic adventure I was blasé about the whole thing. For this year alone I had already traveled to 4 countries, had countless flights, layovers and […]

Auction- Bonhams’ December Fine & Rare Wines

For those of you readers who are oenophiles, myself included, Bonhams just had a $1.3 million auction of Fine & Rare Wines featuring the collection of Dr. Maurice Galante, which took place on December 12 in San Francisco. What makes the auction so great was that the 909-lot auction was led by a selection of […]

London- La Maison Rémy Martin

Coming up next week in London is the much anticipated opening of Rémy Martin’s its first members club, La Maison Rémy Martin. For but a very short two week stint from the 25th November – 6th December 2014, the exclusive club, which will be located on 19 Greek Street in Soho, will have a program […]