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Southern California- Terranea Vacation Homes

The Los Angeles landscape varies widely, from the coast to the valleys, there is a large expanse that is encompassed when one says Los Angeles. It is therefore annoying for natives, which I proudly count myself as, when visitors say that LA is nothing but traffic and congestion. There is truth however to those words, […]

Gin- A Voyage With Hendrick’s

As the gin maker, which is a part of the larger William Grant & Sons portfolio, Hendrick’s is a libation not to be missed. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Hendrick’s and its proclivities, then fear not. Coming up next week in Los Angeles is a party that will have the public stirring. […]

Resort- Arizona Biltmore

Oasis: something that provides refuge, relief or pleasant contrast. This definition, coming from the Merriam-Webster dictionary was repeating in my head as my plane flew from my home in Los Angeles to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport in Arizona. Why? Because I was going to visit the famed Arizona Biltmore and experience all its glory. The […]

Los Angeles- Yxta Cocina Mexicana

Let’s face it, Los Angeles is the hub of Mexican food in the entire United States. So when the opportunity to try yet another Mexican restaurant that popped up in the City of Angels came about, I was little moved to grace them with my presence. Yet, for the sake of you, our readers, I […]