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Lexus- LS 600h L *Video Review*

We took the brand new Lexus LS 600h L for a week to see if it could live up to Snob standards. From a long road trip to city driving, the luxurious Lexus was put through its paces. Find out what our Editor in Chief thought of the flagship luxury hybrid from Japan.

Meguiar’s- Car Care Tips

We headed down to Orange County, California to the headquarters of Meguiar’s to learn how to properly take care of your car. Along the way, our EIC (editor in chief) picked up some very good hints for looking for a car wash or a person to detail your car, as someone as snobby as him […]

Bugatti- Blanc Noir

Another year, another new Bugatti Veyron to choose from. If you happen to visit Los Angeles, Beverly Hills to be exact, then you must’nt be without wheels. As a tried and true snob, one should have the most exotic and ridiculous of vehicles at their disposal. Lucky for you, O’Gara Coach Company, purveyors of fine […]

Chauffeur- Uber

As The Snob, I have many invites that pour across my desk each day. Whether it be a new store opening, a fashion show or as was the case on Sunday night, a celebrity party for the Golden Globes, I have to fight my way across town, usually in dastardly Los Angeles traffic. If that […]