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Movie Review- Why We Ride

Now I know we haven’t done a movie review on here before, but this film I think deserves one… and probably not for the reason you think. Recently, I had the chance to attend a premiere for a motorcycle movie in Beverly Hills inside the Samuel Goldwin Theater, which is in the headquarters of the […]

Lexus- LS 600h L *Video Review*

We took the brand new Lexus LS 600h L for a week to see if it could live up to Snob standards. From a long road trip to city driving, the luxurious Lexus was put through its paces. Find out what our Editor in Chief thought of the flagship luxury hybrid from Japan.

Auction- Auctions America

This week, August 1-3 to be exact, is a grand auction that the likes of Southern California has not seen in over a decade. Taking place at the Burbank Marriot is Auctions America, er, auctioning off some of the greatest cars in, well, America! Did you get that?!