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Timepieces Aplenty- Eleven James

Let’s face it, no matter how much money each of us has, parting with it, even a small amount, is a practice we can never get used to. Now for those of us with a particular penchant for fine timepieces, the ever skyrocketing prices of watches make our blood run positively cold. And yet, there […]

Breguet- Writing Instument and Cufflinks

The wonderfully historic brand of watchmaker, Breguet, has just released new writing instruments and cufflinks for the gentleman who wishes to accentuate his fine tastes a part from his timepiece. Crafted from some of the same fine materials that have made Breguet a vaunted brand amongst watch companies, these new pieces reflect a subtle, yet […]

Wolf- Watch Winders

We sat down with Simon Wolf, fifth generation CEO of a watch winder making dynasty. Follow along as he shares with The Snob what goes into perfecting a great watch winder and how Wolf is leading the charge for those seeking a luxurious place to store their precious timepieces.


As the grandsons of famed Swiss watchmaker Raymond Weil, Elie and Pierre Bernheim have horology in their DNA. Its comes then, as no surprise, that these two enterprising young men decided to start their own watch brand, 88 RUE DU RHONE. As an upstart brand, the company is, at its core, steeped in the traditions […]