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Christian Louboutin- Limited Edition Shoes

French shoemaker and all around wonderful guy Christian Louboutin has designed a special Limited Edition shoe to benefit microfinance, which provides the poor with access to very small loans in order to start and run small businesses. Grameen Foundation is a charity of choice for Mr. Louboutin, as he believes in their core values and […]

Tod’s- Spring/Summer 2010

With summer now officially upon us, Tod’s has revealed their latest collection for these hot few months. One must-have piece of fashion is a pair of moccasins. The ones pictured below are of the Hyannisport variety, which as you should know, are perfect for those East Coast summer nights. I am a firm believer in […]

Christian Louboutin- Fake Out

Christian Louboutin has taken the initiative to weed out unscrupulous people who sell fake versions of his wonderful shoes. Unlike Louis Vuitton, who sick their bevy of lawyers at the mere whiff of fraud and counterfeit products, Louboutin is going another way and shaming companies that pander knock-off products. Yes, Mr. Louboutins shoes are expensive. […]

Christian Louboutin- Dancer in a Daydream

Today, I have a very special video for you. It features a dancing and dapper Christian Louboutin! Set in his atelier in Paris, Christian can be seen going through the process of creating a pair of shoes. However, something remarkable happens; While sketching his latest scarlet soled creations, Christian starts to daydream. The rest, as […]