Burberry Scarf Bar


I believe, scratch that, I KNOW that there is a huge disconnect between luxury brands and consumers. Back in the heyday of 2007, anything expensive was perceived by the gluttonous public as luxury. My how times have changed. With a different marketplace around us, purse strings are being pulled even tighter and consumers are being…


Givenchy Finally Re-Opens in New York City


NYCers are all saved now. Thankfully, Givenchy opened its new NYC store on Madison Avenue, which if you have been following the luxury brand, has been noticeably absent for almost a decade! Located at 747 Madison Avenue and East 65th Street, the new Givenchy store features the latest retail design concept by Creative Director Riccardo…


Fashion- Cake for Monarchs


There is a new label in town and I must say that it is fantastic. Conceived out of Mexico by Sergio Muñoz Azuela, Cake for Monarchs is a new take on classic looks. By utilizing the finest of fabrics, each garment is prepared with painstaking attention to detail. And to be quite frank, it shows…