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Fashion- Cake for Monarchs

There is a new label in town and I must say that it is fantastic. Conceived out of Mexico by Sergio Muñoz Azuela, Cake for Monarchs is a new take on classic looks. By utilizing the finest of fabrics, each garment is prepared with painstaking attention to detail. And to be quite frank, it shows […]

Fashion- MeUndies

Let’s face it, living the luxury lifestyle does not end with having the biggest house or the most exotic car. No, no, no. It ends where it all begins, with you, the individual. And the latest luxury we present to you today, comes in the most intimate form, underwear. Yes, what is probably the most […]

Louis Vuitton- Celebrating over 100 years of sophistication

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This coming Wednesday, March 7th 2012, at the Arts Decoratifs in Paris an exhibition will kick off to celebrate the revered style and craftsmanship of the house of Louis Vuitton. Spread over 2 floors, the exhibition, curated by Pamela Golbin and designed by Gainsbury and Bennett, will show how with over a century between both […]