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Fashion- Cake for Monarchs

There is a new label in town and I must say that it is fantastic. Conceived out of Mexico by Sergio Muñoz Azuela, Cake for Monarchs is a new take on classic looks. By utilizing the finest of fabrics, each garment is prepared with painstaking attention to detail. And to be quite frank, it shows […]

Breguet- Writing Instument and Cufflinks

The wonderfully historic brand of watchmaker, Breguet, has just released new writing instruments and cufflinks for the gentleman who wishes to accentuate his fine tastes a part from his timepiece. Crafted from some of the same fine materials that have made Breguet a vaunted brand amongst watch companies, these new pieces reflect a subtle, yet […]

Fashion- MeUndies

Let’s face it, living the luxury lifestyle does not end with having the biggest house or the most exotic car. No, no, no. It ends where it all begins, with you, the individual. And the latest luxury we present to you today, comes in the most intimate form, underwear. Yes, what is probably the most […]

Leather Goods- MapiCases

Everyday in the world of luxury is something new to feast our eyes and our money on. Today is no different. Manufactured in Istanbul, Turkey and made by the traditional methods of leather-craftsmanship comes MapiCases. As the newest online seller of top-quality genuine leather iPad, iPhone, smartphone and e-reader accessories, MapiCases is answering the call […]