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Glenfiddich- A Tasting *Video*

Editor in Chief Jeffrey Gomez recently sat down with Glenfiddich Brand Ambassador Mitch Bechard for a tasting of their scotch whiskey’s. In the video below you can see and learn about Glenfiddich’s 15, 18, 21, 30 year olds (drinks that is!) and their new Snow Phoenix libation. Watch, learn and become a scotch connoisseur yourself!

Monaco- New Wally//One Yacht Tender

From the über-weathly shores of Monaco, boat builder Wally will introduce an important new model to its range this summer, the Wally//One. The new dayboat will succeed the hugely successful Wally//Tender with better performance, a focus on improved technology and of course more comfort and space. Wally//One pricing will start at €580,000. The Wally//Tender, if […]

Paris- Mandarin Oriental

Oh the City of Light! Paris is truly like nothing else. To add insult to injury, it is now playing host to yet another fantastic hotel, this time it is none other than the Mandarin Oriental. Located on one of the most chic streets the city has to offer, Rue Saint-Honoré, the MO will no […]

Volkswagen- 2012 Passat

I recently had the opportunity to survey the $1 billion dollar, brand spanking new production facility that VW has built in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Set up to build the coming 2012 Passat, this facility speaks to everything that a large corporation should be; honest, community-driven and committed to helping the environment. With an expansive facility that […]