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Baccarat- Crystal Decanters (Decanting Lesson) *Video*

Chief Snob, Jeffrey Gomez, explains the difference between decanting wine vs. aerating wine, proper decanting techniques and clears up all the confusion when it comes to these two subjects. Of course, not to be pedestrian, he does it all with exquisite decanters from our lovely friends at Baccarat. Watch and learn how to become a […]

2012 Audi A7 Reviewed *video*

We hop into the seat of the new 2012 Audi A7 and let you know how it feels. Surely, there is more to cars than just how fast they go. Watch and find out what Audi has in store for you.

CastelGiocondo- Wine Tasting *VIDEO*

Join our Editor in Chief for a sampling of wine from CastelGiocondo. Located in the picturesque Tuscany area of Italy, this wine is superb. Made from 100% Sangiovese grapes, the wine makes an excellent companion to a hearty meal. Watch, learn and become a brunello di montalcino connoisseur!

Camus- Vintage Cognac Tasting *Video*

Camus Cognac recently invited Editor in Chief Jeffrey Gomez for a private tasting with their International Ambassador Frédéric Dezauzier and Manny Burnichon. The tastings involved sampling Camus’ Borderies XO and two Vintages from 1989 and 1971. Watch, learn and become a cognac connoisseur!